The First Three Don't Matter

With the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2008 just a few weeks away, it’s important NOT to give up on those big goals you set in January.

There’s still plenty of time IF you get started NOW. Watch this video for some steps you can take today.

After you’ve watched the video, please leave your comments below.

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17 Responses to “The First Three Don't Matter”

  1. Alan Comeau Says:

    Vic, Teriffic concept! What a wonderful idea for airing the various tools used by self help authorities (yourself included) in keeping ones goals in focus. This first program was teriffic and I eagerly await subsequent broadcasts. Could you address some of the various tools for setting personal goals in one of the subsequent programs including the concept of mentoring?

    Thanks again! You are doing an amazing job and I applaud your efforts.



  2. Jocelyne Choquette Says:

    I liked it very much ! Pretty interesting and instructive. Keep going Vic I love what you are doing and making about self development.

    From Montreal, Quebec.

  3. Nicoleta Says:

    Thank you sir.
    It will be wonderful for me to just hear and read your positive encouragement.I would like to devote 90 days to complete the goal I have set since childhood. I think about it all the time. I just have to act on it.
    I can imagine how inspirational your tips will be as even the concept of letting go of what happened in he first three quarters!
    I can’t waitto hear your response to the Colorado woman about getting the rest of the family on board for goal setting.
    ..”a person convinced gainst his will…”…What then?
    Thank you so much,

  4. Steve Bedgood Says:

    Great topic.
    This is the first time I’ve listened to you. It sounds like you’re right on target.

  5. Kristi Link Says:


    What a great message! Very inspiring. I really appreciated it! It was exactly the message I needed today, thinking about what I need to accomplish both in my business life and my personal goals.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. David H. Says:


    Great, as always, to hear your voice. The timing of this is amazing. I just had a call with my business coach today after looking at our projections and pipeline and realizing we are further behind our goal for the year than we thought. So we were brainstorming on what we could to do in the next month and a half (4th quarter) to reach our goal…then comes your email.

    Many thanks for the inspiration and help…I’ll be staying tuned.

  7. Michelle Says:

    Hi Vic;

    Thanks so much for your message it was filled with inspiration and concrete advise that people can really apply to their lives. You’re obviously a great goal setter and achiever. It was interesting that this message was the one I needed to hear most today as I undertake a big renovation and major life change.
    Lovely when your in tune, ain’t it 🙂
    I hope you take care of your self as well as your taking care of us.
    Keep Smillin’

  8. chuck hall Says:

    Hi Vic!
    Wow ! Great production values! Where did you get that great TV studio? It looks so professional! Kudos!

  9. Edgar D Says:


    I’m in a similar situation as the 63 year old(except a little younger) that called in on your show. It was somewhat healing and encouraging………..the message you relayed! I have read your story and am a student of personal development but seem froze in my tracks like a dear in the proverbial headlights a big part of the time.

    I’ve realized some awesome achievemnts in my life but the bumps in the road have been back washed with quick-sand lately. However, your message has made me realize that I must jump over those bumps and quick-sand to re-evaluate my life’s goals and stop looking back. I must take action! And get unstuck!

  10. Jeanne May Says:

    Hi Vic…

    Great content and so applicable! Good illustration using John Godard to the question about how many goals should you go for at once… even by focusing on one major goal at the one time, many other goals can be achieved along the way.

    Looking at the year as four 90-day quarters is a relief! Even a non sportsperson such as me can relate to that one!


  11. Nena Says:

    Hi Vic!
    Thank you for this and other posts. I read them for a while now and there’s always something to think about and learn from you.
    I would like to comment about single/multiple goals.
    Although I’d like to pursue one goal at a time, beeing a mother+daughter+wife+employee I’m forced to multitask. I find it’s useful to put as many chores on an autopilot as I can.
    I put routine daily chores on several to-do lists. Less complex repetitive chores are automatized and on weekly or monthly to-do lists.
    Once a week I make plans for my work, house chores, meals, family, reading, sports, free time and so.
    Doing so, I do not feel overflowed, I can move from one item to another without thinking about it.
    This gives me time to think about really important things: goals, complex issues, dreams… the idea here is to free my mind from repetitive and routine things so I can focus on items which I have to learn and master next.
    Othervise, I would never have time to read inspirational post like yours, and I will be trapped in unwanted circumstances of life.
    Thank you. I’m looking forward your next posts.

  12. Cindy Marshall Says:

    Hello Vic,
    You hit the powerpoints on this video. I’m going to take the 90 day run.I’m going to stay laser focused and see what happens. I’d just like to thank you very much for taking the time and effort to helping out each and everyone of us.Without the support and dedication that you give to us,and our mentoring.

    Best Regards!

  13. Pramod Says:

    That was wonderful! its like focusing on what you still can do rather than thinking about the past and its never too late to begin. Namaste – Pramod

  14. Elisa Zaccarino Says:

    Timely! Needed to hear this and passed it on to another I felt needed to hear this message. Thank you.

  15. Mary Says:

    Your message is inspiring….however what does the 4th quarter mean to a lot of individuals 1) college and university students focused on studies 2) family units are focused on two major holidays and ensuring they provide the best for their families 3) retired folks are planning vacation

    I like your ideas and have implemented many, but this one is for people who sit and wait anyway. Why try to motivate people who sit and wait, they will find more reasons not to achieve goals in the 4th quarter then any other time of year! They have so many excuses to “sit and wait”. It’s plastered with reasons why they shouldn’t take action.

    Best time of year for me to achieve…..May June July…..then breathe. Stabilize and continue…..hit it hard in May June July….then breathe. Its a personal opinion.

    You’re absolutely right….having an end date is everything. Without it, you can’t hit the mark, nor do you try.

    The sports analogies work, however those teams did not just focus in the 4th quarter, they were working hard on and off the field way before the 4th quarter. The 4th quarter for them is just another day in the fight to be the best. You must have a focus and everything you do drives you closer to your goal. The 4th quarter analogy will only work for those already deposting a lot of energy into their goals.

    Stay cool Vic! Keep ’em coming


  16. Dana Says:

    Awesome! Keep up the good work. Inspiration is good for the soul. You do good for people. I love that.

  17. Belinda Says:


    Thank you for the work that you do. It is greatly appreciated, and I forward the e-mails on to other friends and co-workers who are looking to achieve there goals for this year, and for life all together.

    I read a a comment that talked about how people sit and wait anyway and really are not going to do anything in the 4th quarter because they had not done anything before. Well…I am one of the those individuals that held off on my dreams over the past year. It wasn’t because I just didn’t care or didn’t want to do it, but because there was so much confusion and a lot of hurt that I had to recover from. The last time I went forward with my goals, I had acocuntability partners, and people around me who I believed had my best interest at heart, until the Lord removed them out of my life. It was painful, but now I see why.

    When you are launching your dream, it’s important that the right people are with you. I saw that some were really about themselves, some didn’t even have themselves together, and could never bring me to where I needed to be.

    After my experience over this year, I am wiser, stronger, and ready to move forward. Vic made it very clear that a lot can happen in 90 days. Even if you went through some rough spots, even if you slacked, the fact of the matter is….if you are reading this, you are still breathing, and you have the chance to make a difference in your life no matter what the goal. Only God knows an individuals “grace” period, and even if the first three quarters were rough, teams have come back to win in the 4th quarter.

    Thank you for all you, and may God bless you!

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