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Personal Goal Setting Tools for 2009

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My Daily Insights

Quick Goal Setting Tips

1.  Make goals meaningful. Goal setting for the sake of goal setting almost always ends in disappointment. Goal setting is simply a tool to use in achieving a favorable outcome -- what some people call a "Dream."

2.  Use positive language and the present tense when setting a goal. It is better to say "I weigh a healthy, trim and fit 185 pounds" than "I want to lose 20 pounds."

3.  Always put your goals in writing. Every expert agrees that setting a goal without putting it in writing drastically reduces your chances of success.

4.  Goal setting should take place in every area of your life, including Health, Relationships, Spiritual, Career and Financial.

5.  Setting Life Goals will add dimension, excitement and texture to your life.

6.  Failure doesn't always mean that you did something wrong in your goal setting or implementation. It may just mean that the time you allotted for success wasn't adequate. A thorough review process should be undertaken before setting the goal again.

Personal Goal Setting Portal

is a goal setting portal featuring a goal setting blog, goal setting programs, goal setting software and other programs for setting goals for weight loss, quit smoking and getting debt free.  There is an overwhelming amount of goal setting information available on the Internet but most people who have never set goals before sometimes find the information confusing and conflicting.

We have utilized master teachers of goal setting including Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Cynthia Kersey, Lisa Jimenez and Vic Johnson as the core teaching for our goal setting programs.  We also feature the highly acclaimed Goal Tiger goal setting software which can be used alone or in conjunction with any of our programs for goal setting.  Our master teachers unanimously agree that a written plan for goal setting is critical to success when setting goals and our Goals 2009 goal setting program is built around that tenet.

Personal Goal Setting that works

Goals 2009 Goal Setting Program


Are your ready for a breakthrough year like you've never had?  Our Goals 2009 program will walk you step by step to any goal or dream you can imagine.  And if you don't have a goal or dream, we'll even help you find one.  From our Basic Edition to our elite Champions Club Platinum Council, you'll find a goal setting solution that's right for you. 

See our Goals 2009 solutions...


Goal Tiger Goal Setting Software

Get "the eye of the tiger" for your goals with our unique goal setting software.  The Goal TigerTM Vision Board is a very powerful application for your computer that enables you to take the teachings of the Law of Attraction and apply them in your daily life. It helps you to visualize your goals and dreams in a unique and dynamic way on your computer screen, using your personal dream images.

 Goal TigerTM  goal setting software...

He's achieved more than 550 major goals in his life and he can help you achieve all of yours.  Get an inside look at the Goal Setting Secrets of the World's #1 Achiever.  (And It Won't Cost You A Single Penny!)

Goal Setting Secrets of the
World's #1 Achiever...

"Renegade nutritionist flips the diet industry on its ear by shattering
myths about weight-loss others don't want you to know about..."

In the next eight weeks you can melt away stubborn fat rapidly, naturally, and permanently even if you have no time, no willpower, and no helpful genetics!

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quit smoking right now


In less than 3 hours You CAN learn how to Quit Smoking - FOR LIFE - from the comfort of your home - without patches, pills and gums, and, without gaining any weight or suffering a single major craving - Fully Guaranteed by one of the most trusted entrepreneurs on the Internet (and a former 39-year smoker who quit by using this very program)!

Quit Smoking Right Now...


Imagine waking up every day knowing that you are going to experience a day filled with joy, excitement, exhilaration and fulfillment!

Imagine going to bed every night feeling completely at peace with yourself, reliving the wonderful results of your day only to wake up totally refreshed to do it all over again!

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debt free living in 2005 My Money Choices is four powerful sessions that will teach you how to live debt free!

Let the Wealth Diva, Loral Langemeier,
personally show you the tips, tricks and techniques that thousands have already used to get out of debt and take financial control of their lives.  Your goal setting isn't complete if your finances aren't in order.

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