Finally...the ultimate goal setting software for setting and achieving your goals...

"What You See is What You Get -- It's The Secret that World-Class Achievers Use to Create Incredible Wealth and Achieve Remarkable Success"

“The Ultimate and Proven Way for you to Effectively Apply
the Law of Attraction in Your Life”

The key to attracting everything you want is captured in this
amazing new tool… With Exciting New Features for 2011!

From Vic and Lisa Johnson:

One of our very favorite stories about visioning the dream has to do with Walt Disney’s widow. Whenever they were dedicating Epcot a reporter went up to Lillian Disney and said to her that it was a shame that Walt wasn’t there to see how everything had turned out. She turned to the reporter without any hesitation and replied, "Oh, he saw it, and long before we ever did."

A key part of visioning your dream is the practice of visualization and there are a number of well-known examples of the power of visualization. None other than golfing legend Jack Nicklaus is said to have always played a course in his mind before actually beginning a game. In his own words: "I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp, in-focus picture of it in my head. First I see the ball where I want it to finish, nice and white and sitting up high on the bright green grass. Then the scene quickly changes, and I see the ball going there; its path, trajectory, and shape, even its behavior on landing. Then there is a sort of fade-out, and the next scene shows me making the kind of swing that will turn the previous images into reality."

Jim Carrey's "Secret" that turned him from struggling comic to multi-millionaire movie star can be used by anyone

One night in 1987, Jim Carrey was a 25-year-old struggling comic when he drove his old Toyota up to Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. Sitting there overlooking the City of Angels and visioning his future, Carrey wrote himself a check for $10 million. He dated it Thanksgiving 1995 and added the notation, "for acting services rendered."

This story has become famous, of course, because Carrey's expression of brazen optimism turned out to be conservative. By the time 1995 actually rolled around, his rambunctious goofball roles in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," "The Mask" and "Dumb & Dumber" had yielded worldwide grosses of $550 million, and the newly minted superstar's asking price was up to $20 million per picture.

Brian Tracy says that, "All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures. Your mental pictures act as a guidance mechanism that causes you to act in ways that make your mental pictures come true in your life."

The Law of Correspondence says that "As within, so without." It says that your outer world tends to be a reflection of your inner world-like a mirror. What you see in the world around you will be consistent over time with the world inside you. The Law of Concentration says that "Whatever you dwell upon grows in your reality." Those two laws in combination explain much of success and most of failure.

Successful people are those who continually think about pictures and images of the people they would like to be and the lives they would like to lead." Your subconscious mind is extraordinarily powerful, but it is a servant, not a master. Your subconscious mind coordinates every aspect of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, words, actions and emotions to fit a pattern consistent with your dominant mental pictures. It guides you to engage in the behaviors that move you ever closer to achieving the goals you visualize most of the time.

How I Saw My 53rd Birthday 10 Years Before It Happened

In 2006 I decided to celebrate my birthday in the beautiful seaside village of Bar Harbor, Maine.  Lisa and I flew up to meet our good friends Lisa Jimenez (awesome author of Conquer Fear!) and the amazing Peter Schlosser, who were going to celebrate with us.

A short while after we had checked in to the hotel I poured Lisa and I a glass of champagne (the first of many :-) and walked out to the balcony with the glasses.  She was still unpacking so I was alone on the balcony. As I looked out over the beautiful and one-of-a-kind Frenchman Bay, I suddenly began to sob as I realized that I had seen that incredible view many years before.

A picture I had clipped from a magazine had first gone on my vision board more than ten years earlier. At the time we had recently been evicted from our home and soon to lose our last automobile. At the time it was a distant, and some would say near-hopeless, dream. But I looked at that picture, along with the others on my vision board, day after day for years.

And the view I saw that day (you can see a picture of it on this page) was ALMOST IDENTICAL to the magazine photo I had visualized for so many years. I pulled that picture off my vision board shortly after I returned from that trip and didn't have the foresight to save it. But trust me, it was so "eerily" similar to my actual experience that you'd have no doubt about the power of "visualization."

That's just one of the many personal examples that I can share. I've got many more. And believe me when I say it, I'm not alone in what I've achieved through using visualization.

Visualization is one of the most powerful “secrets” used by World-Class Goal Achievers. In fact, John Goddard, the number one goal achiever in the world, speaks frequently of how visualization has helped him achieve over 550 major goals.

Bob Proctor

Finally...A powerful and versatile visualization tool that will have you manifesting your wildest dreams in record time.

Goal TigerTM Vision Board Studio is the most powerful goal setting and motivation software application on the market, enabling you to take the teachings of the Law of Attraction and apply them effectively throughout your daily life. It helps you to visualize your goals and dreams in unique and dynamic ways on your computer screen, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, photo frame, on your office wall, personal website and so on, using your personal dream images. You can combine these images with self chosen affirmations and Power Words™ and even your favorite music!. This way, Goal TigerTM Vision Board Studio assists you in adjusting your belief system to break through any self limiting barriers you might have to reach your goals and create the life you desire. By focusing on your Goal TigerTM Vision Board Studio on a daily basis with intent and take inspired action you will attract your goals to your reality!

The Goal TigerTM Vision Board Studio is so effective, because it guides the images you are holding in your mind! You see, your mind works like a magnet: whatever energy vibrations you radiate and send out with your thoughts and feelings is what you will attract to your life with regards to events, people or circumstances that will assist you in reaching your goals.

Goal Tiger software control panel screen shot


Very easy to use step by step set up of your Vision Board, so it is simple for you to create and maintain. The creation wizard is easy to access via a launch button in the task bar. You can adjust your Vision Board anytime by replacing images and/or text; your Vision Board grows with you every day!


It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

With the new Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio system, you can now create as many vision boards as you like. Simply type your own self chosen affirmations and power words, select inspiring images from the online media library or import your own personal image files, then add your favorite music or audio recording and as easy as that - you're done!

Like magic, the VBS software enables you to see your vision come to life on your computer screen like never before and will automatically present your Personal Vision Board so that your chosen words and images move along in dynamic patterns with your music selection. This will ensure your attention always remains focused and ultimately bring you the results you are after.
At any time, you can easily go back and make changes, so your Vision Board is always up-to-date and relevant to your specific goals.

You can also create multiple vision boards, if you like, to focus on different specific goals!

Create a vision board for your children, partner and friends. Or even better, team up with them to build one together. Imagine how exciting it will be to create a special vision board together with your partner or child. See yourself having fun discussing your goals and dreams, searching for the different images and selecting the music that really makes you feel alive!

Once created, you can display your Vision Board presentations on your desktop computer, laptop, PDA, iPhone and other devices such as your iPod, digital photo frame or even share it with others on your website, blog or social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

STOP PRESS: By purchasing VBS today, you will also be eligible for the brand new "Hi-Resolution" module - which allows you to quickly and easily download your vision boards directly to your smart phone and/or iPad in high definition - at NO extra charge! (Value: $97)

Imagine seeing your Vision Board with all your own PERSONAL images and affirmations displayed like this at different locations throughout the day! This will keep you inspired and continually taking action towards your goals. The Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio also offers a tremendous variety of display themes to ensure that your personal Vision Board will always be motivational, engaging and inspiring!

Customer testimonial
“I have always known how important vision boards are to help you create what it is you desire most. I used to clip pictures and glue them for my vision boards, but when I saw the Vision Board Studio I was BLOWN AWAY!
Not only was it EASY to use, but with the music, the pictures the motion the affirmations nothing else compared. I finished my first vision board in less than an hour the first night! The price can’t be beat and since using it things are taking off in my business. Not to mention how terrific the customer service and price is.
Once you see Vision Board nothing else will compare. If you want to succeed then dream, if you dream - then DREAM BIG, if you want to dream big Vision Board Studio is the perfect tool to use!"
- Andrea Marshall
Customer testimonial

Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio is the unparalleled leader in professional visualization systems. Using the latest IT technology, it is a specifically designed, purpose built computer application, developed and created by a team of experts, based on time-proven motivational principles and academically sound cognitive psychology.

This system is the culmination of many years experience, which you can now take full advantage of and cut down on years and years of trial an error! With this complete, next generation visualization system, we have taken the art of goal setting and visualization to a whole new level. There is absolutely nothing else like it and I guarantee you will LOVE it!

Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio - The ULTIMATE
Complete Vision Board System

Here Are Some of the Tools and Resources You Can Access Immediately
When You Download the Brand New Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio Today!

Vision Julcing Handbook

The “Vision Juicing” Handbook
(with foreword by Bob Proctor)

The Vision Juicing Handbook provides all the background knowledge you need to fully engage yourself with your dreams and goals.

Learn how to craft your vision and set S.M.A.R.T. goals; small achievable intermediate steps designed to keep you motivated and at the same time pass milestones on your way to success.

In this handbook you will learn how to counteract self-limiting beliefs that negatively shape your behavior and hold you back from fully realizing your true potential.

Equipped with new ideas and fresh inspiration you will assemble an effective and positive vision board that is a major step in your journey to success.

Six Week Challenge Workbook

The “Six Week Challenge” Workbook

Taking The Six Week Challenge will motivate and help you to cement new behaviors and beliefs - both quickly and very effectively!

Many studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that people will often start some new activity and life changing plan full of vigor only to peter out after two to three weeks. The goals you have set cannot be achieved over night and possibly go against years of ingrained learning.

To give you the motivation, encouragement and support to start your new life we have set out activities and challenges to cover those initial six weeks.

Once you have completed the first six weeks, you will have given yourself an excellent solid foundation for the new life you have set out for yourself.


With a modern design and clear visual and audio instructions you will find this software easy to use.

Create and maintain your Vision Board with confidence in the VBS Studio. To get started, this purpose built software system offers you a comprehensive 3 step Vision Board creation process:

Step 1: Choose your affirmations, power words & images
Step 2: Select the background images
Step 3: Add your choice of music or your own voice
VBS Studio
Check out all the fantastic features that make this such a complete system and ensure you can display your Vision Board virtually anywhere in different motivational styles ...

Fantastic Poster Creation Application

Poster Creation Application Create a Modern Version of the Old Fashioned Paper Vision Board (and more!)

Turning your Vision Board into an attractive poster is straight-forward with the new VBS Poster Application. It gives you the opportunity to create the collage look and feel of a traditional poster board with the added benefit of digital quality pictures.

The VBS Poster Application provides even more options for self expression! This module is able to import your vision board from the VBS Studio. You can add to it to make it a powerful single page vision overview, then print it from you home printer or you can involve your local print shop for full poster size.

Hang your Vision Poster on the wall, select it as your PC wall-paper and even use it on your mobile device for even better and constant exposure to your vision!

Movie Recorder

Movie Recorder
Make Your Very Own Vision Board Mind Movie!

The movie recorder module provides you with the ability to also record your vision board presentation as a digital movie and play it back where you like. You can record your presentation and play it back on an iPod, iPad, PDA, YouTube, digital photo frame or even someone else’s computer.

It is also possible play Vision Board AVIs on DVD players (must support AVI or DIVX). A commercial screen recording program could cost you up to US$299. As a Vision Board customer you will receive this valuable extra tool today - absolutely FREE!

  Handy pop up balloon REMINDERS
PopUp Balloon Add Even More Exposure to Your Affirmations

Text from your Vision Board scripts appears in the form of a subtle yet highly effective balloon pop-up on your computer screen after a set period of time, which you decide.

The balloons are a subtle reminder of your goals while you are working. Reinforce your manifestation process throughout your day with this great added feature.

Dynamic Coach Your Dynamic Coach Will Guide You Through Every Single Step of Your Journey ...

While you are creating in the VBS Studio, our hands on coach will provide you with clear instructions and auditory coaching.

Simply click on “play” and a friendly voice will take you through each part of the creation process. Anyone can do it!

VBS Taskbar Manager 1-Click Direct Access to Your Vision Boards

The VBS Taskbar Manager provides quick and easy one-click direct access to the VBS Studio and the ability to quickly view your Vision Boards.

It also allows you to select the presentation theme you would like to see, plus the valuable option to temporarily pause your Vision Board.

This feature comes in handy when you, for example, go into a meeting.

  Easy share FUNCTION
Easy Share Function Share Your Vision Board With Others!

The easy share function is a very powerful tool. It allows you
to send your vision board to friends, family or work colleagues
- even if they do not own the VBS package!

The share function will package all your images, text and audio into one single compressed file. This file can then be copied to another computer or memory stick and hey presto! ...

It is also possible to upload your shared vision board to our online storage service (no charge for you!) and send a link to all your friends and loved ones, or business colleagues.

An important aspect about goal setting is that you share your vision with someone who can keep you both inspired and accountable. Your share function allows you to do just that!

Presentation Screen See Your Vision Board Displayed FULL Screen
(or in a smaller window)

You can always preview your Vision Board at any time simply by clicking the preview icon. A windowed presentation screen will appear. You can set the size of the window and the theme you wish to use and then preview the script.

The presentation window can also be set to “float” above all your other open windows. This way you can always have a look at your goals and dreams now and then while you're working!

Vision Lounge FULL VIP ACCESS to Our Active Online Community is your personal VBS resource centre and inspirational community with over 1,500 active members!

Find quality images for your Vision Board. Download exisiting Vision Boards to install as a starter script for your own Vision Boards!

With regular blog posts and fascinating articles, there is plenty to keep you "on the ball".

Become a member today and we will guarantee that you meet fellow achievers who will act as mentors, critics and supporters - all from the comfort of your computer!

  Six Week Challenge Coaching emails
Six Week Challenge Workbook Stay Inspired and Motivated to Achieve Your Goals!

To accompany your Six Week Challenge we have created a special series of “Six Week Challenge” coaching emails, which will delivered directly to your inbox once a week.

Think of them as your very own empowering life coach!

These mails are designed to inspire and motivate you each week and take the next step of your journey towards achieving your goals and vision.

Every champion needs a good coach, here's yours!

All Yours Today as part of this
Special Introductory Offer!

Other valuable features include:
bullet With VBS you can make changes to your Vision Boards as often as you like - keeping your new life up-to-date!
bullet Unlimited LIFETIME ACCESS to our extensive online image library - making it even easier and faster to create your own Vision Boards
bullet Direct access to extensive Affirmation and Power Word libraries. As an extra source of inspiration, these carefully created sentences are sorted into categories so you can quickly find items that match your specific desires and requirements
bullet Ability to adjust the font and text color to your personal preferences
bullet Record your own voice directly from within the software and have it play with your vision board!
bullet Our extensive online User Guide will guide you through the VBS software both textually and visually, if you need a little help or want to learn more about specific features.
Vision Board System

Customer testimonial
“My present job is as a night shift taxi driver, and all I ever wanted was to work 2 nights a week and earn a full time income from them, and that is exactly what has happened in the past few weeks.
I consider myself blessed, and am looking forward to my bigger visions coming true, now that the Universe has shown me its possible!
I want to thank you for providing the Vision Board Studio and if you want to include this letter as a testimonial, you are very welcome to do so."
Yours in success,
Anne van Beek
Customer testimonial

Why Settle for Anything Less
Than You Are Worth?

The new Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio was created and developed to help people like you and me to finally regain control and start focusing on a brighter future. It took over 2 years of deep research and development to create our original Vision Board sofware, which since 2003 has helped many thousands of people worldwide.

And now it just got better - A whole lot better!

Overview Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio Overview:
Goal Tiger Vision Board
Vision Board Software
VBS 2.0
Create Vision Board Screensaver
Create Vision Board Wallpaper
Add Own Images, Affirmations and Audio
Access to Online Image Library
Access to Online Community VisionLounge
Weekly Splash of Inspiration Newsletter
Print Vision Board (Simple Version)
Six Week Challenge Coaching
Personal Six Week Challenge Workbook
Vision Juicing Handbook (Total Visualization)
Poster Creation Application
Movie Recorder (Multiformat)
Hi-Resolution downloads for iPad and Smart Phones
VBS Manager - Keep Track of Your Projects
Audio Coaching Panel Step By Step Guidance
Create Your Own Launching Screen
Choose Screen Size (Window/Screensaver)
Create Personal Launching Screen
Various Presentation Formats (8 Different Styles)
Create Vision Board Scripts
Add Own Images and Affirmations
Include Group Background Images
Group Vision Board Elements
Select Multiple Active Boards
VIP Customer Support
Our Best Wishes for Your Success!
$150 VIP Discount (+ $800 Bonus Package)

You see, in addition to adding several new outstanding modules like the Poster Creator, Movie Recorder, VBS Manager and direct downloading to your mobile devices, we also realized that one vital part was missing to get you on the Fast Track to Success ...

Step-By-Step Guidance
Throughout the ENTIRE Process

"Our vision is to inspire the world and assist in creating amazing lives for people all around the globe by providing them with the most powerful and comprehensive visualization and goal achieving system available on the market today."

And that's what we're doing.

Let me be upfront with you here. This complete visualization system took over 7 years and tens of thousands of dollars to develop. Not to mention the inexhaustible efforts of our professional team dedicated to helping you get where YOU want to be.

We want to offer you the very best - and to do that we need your help!

That's why - for a limited time only - we would like to give you immediate access to download the Brand New Complete Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio including the latest VBS software 2.0 (with all of the advanced features), The Vision Juicing Handbook, The 6-Week Challenge Workbook and private coaching series plus unlimited special access to our online members media library and a personal invitation to join us in the Vision Lounge, for a single, one-time investment of just $247 $97.

Try it out for a while, create a few vision boards and - if you want to experience TURBO results - just complete the 6-Week Challenge. In fact, you can download the complete VBS package today and use everything for a Full 60 Days and if you're not 100% entirely satisfied we'll give you every cent you invested back - no questions asked!

Take Advantage of Your One-Time Only
$150 Saving Today!

Now you can finally have Full Immediate Access to a Complete Training System that will Help You Visualize and Maintain Your Life - using the ultimate suite of tools and resources
for effective communication between your conscious and subconconscious mind.

The versatile, yet easy to use, Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio provides you with all the necessary knowledge, unique and practical guided exercises, and a toolbox of absolutely revolutionary visualization tools and a PROVEN Step-by-Step Plan to Mastery and Success!

Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio
The COMPLETE Solution
to Realizing Your Vision

If you're ready to take control of your life and increase your knowledge of what your really want out of your life - then it's time to harness the power of these tools and reach your target ...

bullet Through reading the Handbook, you will become a MASTER in the effective use of Vision Boards, learn the proven ways to apply visualization, understand how limiting beliefs can hold you back and how you can counteract them effectively and quick as a flash.

bullet By completing the hands-on exercises in the "6 Week Challenge" Workbook, you will develop a crystal clear picture of your vision. You will properly identify your goals following our unique success formula and put together powerful affirmations that will continue to empower and inspire you on your new life journey.

bullet Using VBS Studio, you will create your own personal Vision Board, guided by our video tutorials and integrated audio coach. Your Vision Boards will be displayed in dynamic, fun ways right on your computer screen or mobile device – keeping you motivated and inspired from day to day. You will feel totally empowered and in control at all times!

bullet The advanced modules within Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio also enable you to create a traditional Poster Vision Board, an engaging Vision Board Movie and subtle pop-up balloons which will keep you focused throughout your day. Every time you see your Vision Board displayed through any of these methods, you will feel even more positive and excited about your vision and goals, which will help to attract them even more into your life.

bullet You will receive support and guidance through your "6 Week Challenge" coaching emails and our ongoing Splash of Inspiration newsletter. We are your visualization partner every single step of the way - to make sure you gain maximum benefit from your Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio over the long term.

bullet Connect with your fellow travelers on the road to success via our online community, VisionLounge, and feel inspired and supported by people that are committed to the same journey as you!

Because each of us learn in our own way and at our own pace, the audio/visual multi-media format and progressive structure of this system makes the entire process fun, creative and enjoyable.

How long do you want to run around in circles wondering why you are not achieving your goals, despite all your efforts? You deserve to have the life of your dreams.

You only have one chance at it, so why settle for less? Life is way too short.

It's YOUR Life - GO FOR IT!

The reason why Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio is so different from anything else on the market, and truly in
a league of its own, is because we managed to combine all the tools and training you need into a completely integrated system, which covers all the different applications of visualization into one powerful package. Once you are the proud owner of VBS, you simply won't need anything else!

if you're eager to Master the Skills of Visualization, then you don't want to wait a second longer - it's easy when you know how!

Download Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio Today and you will also receive the following carefully selected extra VIP bonuses to help put your new life into overdrive!

Customer testimonial
“Vision Board is excellent. It is self explanatory and easy to use. I love the way it can be used as a screen saver or comes on as I have finished the work I am doing, it reminds me what I am in my own business for. Vision boards are a powerful tool and I have had heaps of fun playing with the images and the phrases or key words as I go along.”
 Jo Brown
Customer testimonial

The Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio software is an instant download which means you will get it right after you order. No need to pay extra for handling and shipping, or waiting for delivery….

When you have achieved a goal, it is easy to replace the image and affirmation with a new one.  You can change your Vision Board at any time, very easily. Your Vision Board grows with you! This is really important; you can keep adjusting your short term goals and areas of focus so your Vision Board is always up to date!

Another valuable thing to know is that you can create and save an unlimited number of different Vision Boards so everyone in the family can have their own Vision Board. This also enables you to create Vision Boards for specific occasions or events. Say you have a very important business meeting and you really want to create a certain outcome. You could create a Vision Board specifically focused on that event and show images representing success, confidence etc.

Order by Midnight and collect these valuable bonuses:

Bob Proctor Bonus FREE BONUS #1 ($60 Value)

Free Gifts from Bob Proctor and LifeSuccess

Receive instant-access MP3’s from Bob Proctor on Decision, Success, Money and ‘Purpose, Vision, Goals’ from his best-selling Success Series.


FREE BONUS #2 ($19.95 Value)

No Dream Too Big Seminar by Vic Johnson

An Amazing Audio Seminar That Will Empower You To Reach For The Stars, Raise Your Standards, Set Bigger Goals, And Achieve Them All! Helps You Build Some Bigger Dreams.

Downloadable MP3 Audio format.

FREE BONUS #3 ($49 Value)

Laser Focus includes timely tips and advice to help you zero in on how to train your memory.  This audio program covers:

  • Using Music to Sharpen your Memory
  • Better Listening for a Better Memory
  • How to Remove Mental Road Blocks
  • Developing Memory Reviews
  • Exercises you can Use to Sharpen your Memory
  • Using Externalization to Improve your Memory

Goals Visualization Exercise

FREE BONUS #4 ($39 Value)

Guided Visualization Exercise -  This special audio from Vision Board co-creator Linda Boertjens is the perfect place to start your Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio experience.  An amazing 10 minute guided visualization audio taking you 5 years forward in time to your perfect day. Close your eyes, relax and experience how you will feel, what you will do in your future… as if it is happening right now! A very powerful and effective exercise you can do anytime you like as part of your manifestation system, applying the power of “The Law of Attraction” in yet another exciting way! Downloadable MP3 Audio format.

PLUS You Will Receive the Brand New "Hi-Res" Module to
Download Your Movies  Directly to Your Touch Phone
or iPad in Crystal Clear Full Screen Definition

Mobile Visualization

That's a Total Value of Over $800 - ALL YOURS FREE
When You Purchase Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio Today for the
Special Introductory Price of Only $97!

This is incredible value for money. The Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio system could quite seriously be one of the best investments you will ever make!

The real question here is: Are you willing to invest a relatively small one-time payment to gain
a Whole LIFETIME of Wealth, Health and Happiness?

The Creator Of This Amazing Software Stands Behind It With A Full 60-Day No-Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee. You Even Keep All The Great Bonuses!

"For any reason whatsoever you are not absolutely thrilled with Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio
- just let me know and I will issue a full immediate refund -
no questions asked!"

You Too Can Be Visualizing Your Future
Within The Next 15 Minutes!


Supported Operating Systems

• Windows 7
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
• Windows 2000
Sorry, Vision Board Studio is
*NOT MAC Compatible at this time

PLEASE READ:  GOAL TIGER VISION BOARD STUDIO™ is a digital download. The VBS software requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7. DirectX 9.0 videocard or better required. VBS will not work with MacOS.

Total Value $812

Similar Software Sold Elsewhere for $197

Introductory Special Offer




By consciously seeing your Vision Board regularly, you stay inspired to take the actions necessary to achieve your goals. Especially when you are procrastinating or feeling a bit down, Vision Board will empower you as soon as it kicks in.

Imagine this….

“Here you are, making phone calls for your business or at work. You start off really determined and enthusiastic. But calls after call, people are just not responding that well and you start feeling a bit frustrated…. So you go and give yourself a short break. When you come back to your computer your Vision Board screen saver has popped up and you see a wonderful display of all your dreams moving on your screen, with empowering affirmations on an inspiring background. It brings you back straight away to why you are actually in this business or job. You look at it with intent and really feel as if your dreams are reality already. This feels great and helps you to get back into action with renewed energy…..”

Or how about this one…

“Here you are, with a goal to lose 10 pounds in 2 months. You are committed and inspired by the idea that you will finally be able to wear that special dress or show off those new swimming pants. Most of the time you are eating really well, your are exercising and staying away from those cakes and muffins. After a few days though… someone celebrates his birthday and shares some nice treats at work. Or you have a bit of a stressful day and really feel like something sweet… You sit behind your computer and notice the discussion in your head, between “losing the weight” and “getting that treat”. Then, you realize you created a Vision Board focused on your goal to lose weight and you click in the launcher to have your Vision Board displayed. It shows images of you 10 pounds lighter, of a healthy fruit platter and someone exercising and looking fantastic. This was all you needed to get back in the game and resist those treats…. Vision Board kept you focused and positive about your goal!

We created the Goal Tiger line of Goal Setting Software to help you achieve “eye of the tiger” focus to increase your personal output, grow your new business, create better relationships and achieve peak performance in every area of you life.

Most of us feel the “eye of the tiger” determination at times in our lives. But it's usually fleeting and too infrequent. Your Goal Tiger Vision Board will help you stay focused while also putting the Law of Attraction to work in your life. Get your copy now and start attracting your ideal life today.

Best of Success,

Vic and Lisa Johnson

P.S. Remember: If you’re not thrilled with your Goal Tiger Vision Board Studio for any reason, just e-mail us at any time in the next 60 days, receive a 100% refund, and keep the $107.95 Super Bonus Package — that’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide! And since the software is delivered digitally (via download), there’s nothing to ship back. Like I said, getting a refund is hassle-free, so order now during our introductory special.


Don't  have a credit card?  Here are two options for payment:

1.  Make out your check (U.S. Only) and fax it to us at 877-233-1557 and we'll process it electronically (be sure and record in your checkbook).

2.  Send a check (U.S. Only) or money order in U.S. Dollars to:

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Be sure and include your name, email address, product you are ordering and shipping costs.



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